Thursday, July 31, 2008

Socks, socks, socks

I know, I've neglected my blog lately. I guess I'm taking the summer off mostly. We've done a lot of really cool things this summer and been very busy and had lots of fun, but I probably won't even try to catch up on everything. I might try to post some summer pictures to my flickr account.

As you know if you read my blog. . . does anyone read it? I'm not sure. . . I've been knitting lately. I'm in the process now of making hand knit socks for everyone in our family (immediate, that is). It's been a blast. Socks are really a miracle of craftsmanship (or was it craftswomanship?). . . the toe, the gusset, turning the heel, the cuff. Who was the genius that came up with this? It's been amazing to learn how to make these. So, here they are so far.

First, my "monkey" socks. Made from this pattern: Aren't they gorgeous?

Next, we have Jayda's socks, "looking glass girl socks." Made from this pattern:

And then we have Naomi's "frog prince girl socks." I really need to take a picture of these in better light. . . pattern is here: nice girls website

Finally, I'm working on some really cool socks for Bobby that are made from some killer yarn whose color is based on the painter/artist/architect Hundertwasser's work "The Road to Socialism" (or "Die StraBe zum Sozialismus") Here they are, aren't they awesome? I'll post more pictures when I'm done.
And here's the painting the yarn is based on. By the way, Hundertwasser was an interesting dude. You can read a little about him here: wikipedia is one of my favorite sites.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lace Ribbon Scarf

This pattern was FUN. Thanks

This pattern got me through the fun, hard work, hell that was camp. Happy b-day BFF!


Hola! First post in June and it's almost July. Oh well, I'm B.W.O. ! Here's some pictures from camp. Second time for me, third time for the girls. Not so great fun for me, a blast for the girls. Who knows, maybe someday I'll enjoy it more.

More pictures here. .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to purl into back of second YO.

Yes, I know that knitting has taken over my blog. Forgive me, unknitty types, I'll try to post more for you in the future. Since I get quite a few visitors from Ravelry, I thought I would try ("try" being the key word) to explain something that I could not for the life of me get when I recently made Kelly Maher's Ribbed Lace Bolero, how to purl into the back of the second YO. I finally had to go to my LYS, (local yarn store for all those not in the know), the Haus of Yarn so they could show me how. Of course, being the autodidact I am (I flatter myself), I tried in vain researching on the web, looking at books, knitting and ripping out, before I finally (after three days, three days, people) admitted that I needed help from a professional. Keep in mind that I am a new knitter, so this is for all the new self-taught knitters who have no freaking clue how to purl into the back of the second yarn over. Let me know if this helps.

Ok, the right side is k2tog, yo, yo, ssk. On the wrong side, you are supposed to purl 1, purl into 1st yo, purl into back of second yo, purl. The part that got me tripped up is purling into back of 2nd yo.

This is me purling into first yo:

Then, I am left with this, the second yo, how the heck do I purl into the back of this thing???:

Well, go up and under kinda like this, see that little stitch going around the back up there right above my thumb nail? Put your right needle in from the back and then. . .

Maneuver your needle (this will get easier with time) so it goes through the loop going around the left needle. In other words, that part of the yarn on the left of my needle on the picture up there should be on the right of the needle like the picture below, you just kind of have to scoot it over to the right a bit to get it through that loop.Now purl, I swear, it works.

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Ribbed Lace Bolero

Saw this on Ravelry and knew I must make it. As with everything I've knit so far (not much) it was a learning experience to make. I learned how to rib, ssk, purl into the back of a yo (had to go to yarn store and get them to teach me), mattress stitch. Yeah for knitting and life-long learning! I'm ready for the next challenge.

Oh, here's the pattern in case your not on Ravelry yet: Kelly's pattern

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Midlife Crisis

And because I've always wanted to be an exotic beauty. . .