Thursday, July 31, 2008

Socks, socks, socks

I know, I've neglected my blog lately. I guess I'm taking the summer off mostly. We've done a lot of really cool things this summer and been very busy and had lots of fun, but I probably won't even try to catch up on everything. I might try to post some summer pictures to my flickr account.

As you know if you read my blog. . . does anyone read it? I'm not sure. . . I've been knitting lately. I'm in the process now of making hand knit socks for everyone in our family (immediate, that is). It's been a blast. Socks are really a miracle of craftsmanship (or was it craftswomanship?). . . the toe, the gusset, turning the heel, the cuff. Who was the genius that came up with this? It's been amazing to learn how to make these. So, here they are so far.

First, my "monkey" socks. Made from this pattern: Aren't they gorgeous?

Next, we have Jayda's socks, "looking glass girl socks." Made from this pattern:

And then we have Naomi's "frog prince girl socks." I really need to take a picture of these in better light. . . pattern is here: nice girls website

Finally, I'm working on some really cool socks for Bobby that are made from some killer yarn whose color is based on the painter/artist/architect Hundertwasser's work "The Road to Socialism" (or "Die StraBe zum Sozialismus") Here they are, aren't they awesome? I'll post more pictures when I'm done.
And here's the painting the yarn is based on. By the way, Hundertwasser was an interesting dude. You can read a little about him here: wikipedia is one of my favorite sites.