Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our River

We have a river within bike riding distance from our house. Kairi, Maggie, Naomi, and Jayda love to swim there. It's a beautiful place to visit and very calming.

I love this picture of Jayda. It was late afternoon when I took these pictures so my camera was really struggling, but this one came out really well. I would love to have a new camera!

Naomi wanted to cross the river but didn't want to get her dress wet so she made a little hat out of it! I love it!

The dogs have a blast. I had some pictures of them swimming but they didn't come out so well because of the light.

The Fair!

Last week (I'm behind on posting) was fair week in our county. Naomi had submitted a few things. She got two blue ribbons and one red (2nd place) ribbon. She got 1st on her birdhouse.

To the left of her head are the powerpuff girls she sculpted out of clay.
Jayda with the goats!
Petting a rabbit!

Can't miss the merry-go-round!

De Alps Haus.

Jayda met up with her friend Casey at the fair.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Punk Rock Girrrrls

The girls decided they wanted to dye their hair. Don't worry, mom, it's semipermanent, so it should wash out in a hundred washings or so!

Here's punk rock Naomi's new bike, isn't it cool?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Horse riding and other stuff

Jayda's trophy and ribbon that she won at the Warren County Fair last week. More pictures to come.

This week Naomi's been working on things to submit to the Coffee County Fair which is this upcoming week. This is Raggedy Ann and Andy which she will submit for sewing.

My new puzzle. It's driving me crazy. Photo courtesy of Jayda.

Naomi at riding lessons.

Friday, September 7, 2007

A busy end to a busy week!

Today was picture day at our homeschool co-op. Before we left this morning, I took some pictures of the girls dressed up.

Jayda and Kairi. Nice tattoo, Jayda.

The girls, at first I couldn't get them to stand close to each other.

Don't touch me!

Naomi really wanted to be in a bad mood!

Don't know what the weird thing on her face is, but I couldn't resist this picture!

Here are some pictures of the girls at our homeschool co-op.

After co-op, Jayda and I went to the Bounce Barn. An indoor place with a bunch of those blow up bouncy, slidy things. Naomi went over to one of her friend's house.

Finally, as if Mom isn't tired enough, on to Grandma's for horseback riding. For those of you who don't know, Jayda loves horses (so does Grandma).

Talking Cocoa into riding after only being out on the pasture for a few hours.

Isn't she cute?

And here the battery on my camera died. So I'll post some pictures next week of her actually riding!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why we love our Daddy!

Last night Bobby made us some Indian food. Tandori chicken (for the meat eaters) and tofu (for the veggies) with marsala potatoes. For dessert: grapes, watermelon balls and strawberries with a hint of mint leaves, mmmmmm.

Real men love Buddha (notice the shirt):

What we've been doing lately

We've actually been pretty lazy lately. . . Dog Whisperer marathons, "Equestrian Challenge" computer game, some sewing for Naomi, lots of horseback riding for Jayda, library trips, puzzle working. . . hey, it doesn't sound so bad when I type it out! Today we listened/watched The Beatles on youtube and watched part of the movie, "Imagine," about John Lennon. Lately (since the last time I wrote) we have also watched, "Tibet, Cry of the Snow Lion," which I highly recommend for a good 20th century history of Tibet, Buddhism, and the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese.

Introducing. . . the new puzzle, finished.

Naomi sewing Raggedy Andy (finished pictures to come). . .

Introducing, new toys!