Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What we've been doing lately

We've actually been pretty lazy lately. . . Dog Whisperer marathons, "Equestrian Challenge" computer game, some sewing for Naomi, lots of horseback riding for Jayda, library trips, puzzle working. . . hey, it doesn't sound so bad when I type it out! Today we listened/watched The Beatles on youtube and watched part of the movie, "Imagine," about John Lennon. Lately (since the last time I wrote) we have also watched, "Tibet, Cry of the Snow Lion," which I highly recommend for a good 20th century history of Tibet, Buddhism, and the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese.

Introducing. . . the new puzzle, finished.

Naomi sewing Raggedy Andy (finished pictures to come). . .

Introducing, new toys!

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