Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Civics 101

Tonight we joined in on a war protest! This is a first for us. I had gotten an email about it from moveon.org yesterday and thought about going. Naomi showed interest, Bobby was back and forth about the philosophy behind protesting, etc., but we went and ended up having a good time and meeting some nice people. It was good to be around like-minded people and there were a lot of honks and waves in support and only a few jeers, so that was cool. We found out about a few churches in the area that are involved in the peace movement that have meetings every week, so we will probably try going. One has a weekly meeting for peace initiatives (I think), the other one is showing videos about the environment, wal-mart, etc. Now I am not a church person due to previous bad experiences and self-righteousness [edited to say, other's self-righteousness, hopefully not mine!], but maybe there are a few Christian churches that have it right. . . that would be a relief! Anyway, we had some great family discussions on politics, the war, liberal vs. conservative this afternoon. Political science in action! You gotta love it!

Great turnout for a little town in the Bible Belt!

Naomi made her own sign, "War leaves every child behind." Jayda didn't decide to go until last-minute so she didn't make her own. Next time we'll be much more prepared!

Last but not least, when we got home, we had a very hungry dog to contend with!

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Babybird said...

Organic unschooling at it's finest! College-level work in elementary school. I'm so incredibly proud to be your family :) Maggie looks maggalicious as ever. I can't thank you enough!