Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mom is going back to school to get her masters degree!

Yes! This week has been my orientation week for the masters program I will be attending for the next three years. I am going part time to get my family nurse practitioner degree! Anyway, today was my first day at home after being gone for five days, three twelve hour shifts at work then two days of orientation, whew! I am so happy to have the next three days off, and I'm sure Bobby will be glad to get caught up on his work! Today we have totally taken it easy, we (mostly I) finished a 1000 piece puzzle we have been working on. We stayed in our pajamas all day. Our neighbor (4th grader, public schooled), came over this afternoon at 3:30, and the girls had to run and put clothes on because they had been running around all day in just their underwear! With the temperature for the past month or so being in the 100's, we have mostly chosen to be inside, it is just too miserable to go outside, even later in the evening. Global warming not a reality??? I don't think so! Our maple trees are dying, I told Bobby that we need to think about planting some cacti, it has been a desert here lately, no rain in forever, and if this weather keeps up, I think they would thrive! Anyway, about the puzzle. . . it was fun, but I got a little too obsessive about it. So, glad it is done! Here are some pics!

The girls pointing at the parts they helped with.

The whole puzzle, supposedly there are 10 objects for each letter of the alphabet. The girls pointed out that there are 13 birds, so 13 B words! Somehow I don't think that the same object counts more than once! Oh well!

Here are some birdhouses the girls have painted. Aren't they cute (the birdhouses and the girls)?

Finally, this seems to be the theme for the day:

Video game playing, Barbie Horse Adventures, highly educational!!!!

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