Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Thing of Beauty and Grace

Jayda has been taking ballet at the Centennial Arts Activity Center. She has been very lucky to be able to take dance there. When I signed her up for the class, I had no idea how good the dance training was, I just knew that it was very affordable and sponsored by Metro Parks. Last night was her last class and parents got to come watch. The school is really professional, and it is very classic ballet training (keep in mind this is coming from someone who never took ballet. . . not that I didn't want to!). Jayda has really enjoyed it and wants to continue. She has a dancer's body and is very graceful. Ask anyone who knows her, she has always been very active (from birth) and athletic.

Bar work, evidently very important to the ballerina's training, they spend a lot of time on this. She still has a baby's face.
Oh, so graceful and beautiful.
Courtsey. . .
I'm so proud!

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Stephanie S. said...

These are great pictures!