Friday, January 4, 2008

Book Worship

I love the irony of this photo. I also love used bookstores that are stacked floor to ceiling, every nook and cranny with all kinds of books, old and new, rare and common. I've always wanted to have a million books in my house, but have to curb my book-hoarding tendencies. . . books are really hard to move and plus I don't need more stuff!

We are a family that enjoys comic books. Art Speigelman, Garfield, Gary Larson, manga (see previous post) for Naomi and Jayda. We bought two books by Matt Groening, "Childhood is Hell" and "School is Hell." From Newsweek: "Hilarious, wise, and slyly subversive." He, he, I love sly subversiveness. Groening is the one who writes "The Simpsons," btw (it took me a while to put that together). Funny, funny books. I highly recommend.

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babybird said...

i love imagining you saying "sly subversiveness"