Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Return from the underworld Persephone!

It's been cold here lately! Please return from the underworld, Persephone! No snow to speak of, so completely not worth it! Today the girls were pretending to be goddesses who turned into animals. They're competing on who could be queen of the kingdom. . . the queen will be named Athena. Jayda is Persephone, and Naomi is Gaia, mother earth. Here is the story of Persephone, in case you're wondering, and thus the name of this entry. Our days have included a lot of this. . .

Staying in pajamas much of the day, playing video games, watching movies and tv, reading books. Not really that bad, if you think about it, but. . . mama is not a fan of cold weather and is desiring spring. After a while, tired of being stuck in the house and unmotivated due to cold weather.

Speaking of Greek mythology, here is a cool picture of the Parthenon (in Nashville) I took a few weeks ago with my new camera.

And since I'm posting cool pictures, here's one that Bobby took on my birthday of an unbelievable sunset.

Isn't life amazing!


babybird said...

great camera! Your blog is so inspiring

Pink Mermaid said...

Elise actually played Persephone in her 5th grade play! The girls are looking so grown up! What happened? Stop growing until I can see you again!!!!!