Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winter in Tennessee at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Admission to Cheekwood is only $1 each during the month of January. Why? Because January in Tennessee means plants look dead (I know they really aren't) and everything is just kind of drab. But, we took advantage of the last few global warming days this past Monday and Tuesday, and enjoyed the outdoors, parks (Centennial and Bellevue) one day and Cheekwood Gardens the next day.

Here are some photos illustrating the drabness of Tennessee in January illustrating why I have SAD each year and rejoice when spring comes once again!

Here, according to Naomi, is the "Garden of Little Plastic Signs," with an obligatory picture of the girls acting goofy:

Here's another picture that illustrates the drabness of winter:

Here's a picture of the Cheek's (the rich people who owned the house, of Maxwell House coffee fame) pet cemetary:

Ok, I know, enough bellyaching. There were some beautiful and inspiring sights to behold. The bamboo thicket in the Japanese Garden, always lovely.

A splash of red.

Jayda in a moment of repose with some lovely greenness.

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babybird said...

oh! i miss you guys :)